About Central NJ Council

Central New Jersey Council stretches across New Jersey, from the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean. Scouts can experience farms and open spaces of Warren and Hunterdon counties, the suburbs of Mercer County, and the busy activity of the capital city of Trenton, the urban areas and the Atlantic Shore in Middlesex county.

This is an area rich in the history of the War of Independence, the Industrial Revolution, the inventions of Thomas A. Edison, and the great scientific discoveries of our age. Many major corporations are located in our council, particularly along the Route 1 corridor.

Camping is available throughout the year with facilities for a structured week-long camp experience during summer or for unit-oriented short-term camping.

Central New Jersey Council, created on January 1, 1999 with the merger of the George Washington Council and the Thomas A. Edison Council. Central New Jersey Council acquired Yards Creek Scout Reservation from the George Washington Council and Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation from the Thomas A. Edison Council.  Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation offered summer camp and facilities for four-season camping.  Yards Creek Scout Reservation, which offered limited short-term camping, was a good base camp for units hiking the Appalchian Trail or canoeing the Delaware River.

Central New Jersey Council began with six districts:  three from each of the two former councils.  The three districts from the George Washington Council (Hunterdon Arrowhead District, Jenny Jump District, and Mercer Area District) were transferred essentially unchanged.  The districts from the Thomas A. Edison Council were re-arranged to create the Joyce Kilmer District, Raritan Bay District, and SEMEOS District.

2008 was a major year of transition for the Central New Jersey Council.  The Hunterdon Arrowhead and Jenny Jump Districts merged in June of 2008 to form the Pahaquarra District, serving all the units in Hunterdon and Warren Counties.  Also in 2008, the Central New Jersey Council moved from its location at 4315 US Highway 1S in Monmouth Junction to a new location at 2245 US Highway 130S in Dayton, NJ.

Some say that the only thing constant is change. Well that is true in the Central New Jersey Council as well. In 2010, the leadership teams from the SEMEOS and Raritan Bay districts and the Council met to discuss the possibility of a merger. From the discussions, it became clearly evident that each district that each district had its strengths and weaknesses, but that each of those complimented the other. As one volunteer put it, “It was like the perfect marriage.” So after discussion with district leadership, town hall style meetings and then an unanimous vote by the Executive Board, the Mattameechen District was born.