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Central New Jersey Council, BSA


Central New Jersey Council (CNJC) was created January 1, 1999 with the merger of the George Washington Council and Thomas A. Edison Council. The new council acquired Yards Creek Scout Reservation from George Washington Council and Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation from Thomas A. Edison Council. Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation offerred summer camp and facilities for four-season camping. Yards Creek Scout Reservaton, available for short-term, limited camping, was a good base camp for units hiking the Appalachian Trail or canoeing the Delaware River.

Early in 1999 the new council sold the Edison office of the former Thomas A. Edison Council and temporarily consolidated its activities at the Pennington office of the former George Washington Council while its new facilities were being renovated. The new facilities, located at 4315 US Highway 1, Monmouth Junction, were leased from the NJ Turnpike Authority. On June 12, 1999, council moved all its activities to the new offices and gave up its lease on the Pennington office.

CNJC began with six districts. Three districts from each of the two former councils. The three districts from the George Washington Council (Hunterdon Arrowhead, Jenny Jump, and Mercer Area) were transferred essentially unchanged. The districts from the Thomas A. Edison Council were re-arranged to create the Middlesex, Raritan, and SEMEOS districts.

2008 was a major year of transition for the Central New Jersey Council. The Hunterdon Arrowhead and Jenny Jump Districts merged in June of 2008 to form the Pahaquarra District, serving all the units in Hunterdon and Warren Counties. Also in 2008, the Central New Jersey Council moved from its location at 4315 US Highway 1S in Monmouth Junction to a new location at 2245 US Highway 130S in Dayton, NJ.

Order of the Arrow, Sakuwit Lodge #2

When compared to many other lodges in the Order of the Arrow, Sakuwit Lodge 2 is very young yet it carries on the traditions of those that are much older. When Sanhican Lodge 2 of George Washington Council and Narraticong Lodge 9 of Thomas A. Edison Council merged on September 2, 1999, Sakuwit Lodge 2 of Central New Jersey Council was born and began serving the scouts and scouters of the area by providing service to council camps, promoting scout camping and recognizing those who best follow the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

The name of Sakuwit Lodge is significant because Sakuwit literally means "from the mouth of two rivers", symbolizing the merger of Sanhican and Narraticong as well as the fact that a great deal of the lodge is located between the Raritan and Delaware Rivers. The lodge totem, a raccoon named Rockwell, is a fitting symbol of New Jersey's camping traditions. The lodge number, "2", stands out as a reminder to all of the rich traditions of the Order of the Arrow in the area, as well as that with all of the mergers of the years Sakuwit Lodge is truly the second oldest Lodge in the United States.

Since the lodge's inception, it has hosted over thirty events and contributed service to many more. Presently, Sakuwit Lodge holds four annual service weekends, three in the spring and one in the fall. Assistance is also provided at Cub-Parent weekends, council camporees, the council program launch and many other events. Activities like the Trade-O-Ree and performances by the Gold Feather and Soaring Eagle Dance Teams also help both the lodge and the council. Over the past few years, Sakuwit Lodge has also donated thousands of dollars for the fire ring and other projects at Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation.

The timeline shows the mergers and name changes leading to creating Sakuwit Lodge 2.

The document attached shows the changes in the Lodge Chapter names.

The links below will provide background for the previous Councils, OA Lodges, and Camps that have been merged into the Central New Jersey Council.

George Washington Council

  • Camps
    • Yards Creek Scout Reservation (YCSR)
    • Camp Pahaquarra
    • George Washington Scout Reservation (GWSR)
    • Camp Buck
  • Councils
    • Trenton Council
  • Order of the Arrow
    • Sanhican Lodge #2

Thomas A. Edison Council

  • Camps
    • Cowaw
    • Sakawawin Scout Reservation
    • Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation
  • Councils
    • Raritan Council
    • Middlesex Council
  • Order of the Arrow
    • Cowaw Lodge #9
    • Sakawawin Lodge #287
    • Narraticong Lodge #9
    • Cowaw Lodge #9

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