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1937 to December 31, 1998


History of Scouting in Council - There is a rich history of scouting in the George Washington Council. Read about some of the fascinating activities that Scouts enjoyed. The range of programs is astonishing. This was a time of vision and daring, leaders with an ability to create programs and to enlist funds and support. This is a collection of newspaper articles from the deep, dark recesses of the Trenton Evening Times archives.
  • Air Scouts Sea Scout Band - The Trenton Times, November 1934
  • Mounted Scout Troop
  • Sea Scouts
  • Trail of the Air
  • Press Activities Toad Hollow - winter camping History of Scouting in GWC
  • Roebling Yacht
  • First Boy Scout
  • Trenton Kiwanis Club
Personal Comments - This is a collection of comments from former Scouters about their experiences in Scouting, published with their permission. The best way to read this is to wander through the pages at random. Please consider adding your memories to our collection.
  • Doug Remer - Thanks to The Reverend Douglas Remer for the following material. Doug would love to hear from some of his old friends and trade stories.
  • Larry Gering - Thanks to Dr. Larry Gering for the following material. Larry is an Eagle Scout from Troop 11, Trenton NJ, awarded the Vigil Honor in 1974 and Sanhican Lodge Chief in 1974-1975.)
  • Rett Campbell - thanks to Rett Campbell (ASM Troop 15 Ewingville and Troop 88 - Princeton)
  • Greg Pioppi
  • Joe Sinniger
  • Eagle Dinner 1963 - Program Cover, Eagle Class, two photos
Merger History - There is so much more to discover about the early history of the George Washington Council. This shows a little of the history of the council, but I want to know more. Please send any information that you would like to share with other scouters. I am embarrassed to show how little I understand about council history.
  • Merger Timeline - A graphical time line showing the mergers leading to the George Washington Council. Time starts at the bottom and flows upward.
  • Merger History - Narrative history of mergers leading to the George Washington Council
    • Ref. 1: Trenton Times Article, 1937
    • Ref. 2: GWC District Map
    • Ref. 3: District History
  • Newspaper Articles - Newspaper articles about George Washington Council
  • Mergers in table form - A table of mergers, listed according to date. Essentially the same as the narrative history, but provides some additional detail.
  • Council address over the years - A table of where the Council Service Center was located, listed according to date.
  • Sanhican Lodge No. 2, 50th Anniversary - Excerpts from the bulletin written on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Lodge and an almost identical article from The Trenton Times.
Scouting in Pennington - Research for this project was by Joe Sinniger and uses information from personal experience, contact with former members and leaders of local scouting units, and the local newspapers. Since Joe Sinniger's involvement began in the late 1970s, he focused on what happened before that time.

Thanks to the efforts of Jack Koppel, and the Hopewell Valley Historical Society, microfilm records of local newspapers are available at the local Mercer County Library. Much of the information is taken from the Hopewell Herald in the early 1900s, and from the later Hopewell Valley News and the Pennington Post.

Copies of the Hopewell Valley News are available at the Mercer County Library. The papers are rather old and very musty. Unfortunately, there is a break in coverage from 1954 to 1976.

  • Scouting in Pennington Time Line - A graphical view of Scouting in Pennington.
  • First Pennington Boy Scout Troop - The first Boy Scout troop in Pennington was active from 1915 to 1918. At about the same time there was also a troop in Hopewell. The newspapers refer to the troops as simply the Hopewell Troop and the Pennington Troop. These troops were charted directly from the Nation Organization in New York City.
  • Second Pennington Boy Scout Troop - The second Boy Scout troop in Pennington was active from May 18, 1933 to around 1939. The newspapers mention a Boy Scout Troop No. 26 in Hopewell, but no mention of other troops in the nearby areas.
  • Troop 41 - Chartered originally in 1933, with a name change around 1937, troop registration lapsed briefly in 1939. The troop re-activated December 1, 1944. At various times, the troop has been sponsored by the Pennington School until 1951, the Lions Club, and currently the Pennington YMCA. The troop celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a special Court of Honor in 1994 and a commemorative neckerchief.
    • Brief History
    • Troop 41 Roster - 1944
    • Newspaper Articles
    • 50th Anniversary
  • Troop 42 - Chartered in the Fall of 1965, this troop was active until around 1977. The troop was sponsored by the Pennington Methodist Church.
  • Troop 44 - Chartered in 1963 and always sponsored by the Pennington Presbyterian Church, this is an active group. Troop registration lapsed in 1990 because of a lack of scouts and re-activated in September, 1991.
  • Pack 10 - Active during the 1960s and 1970s and sponsored by the Pennington Jaycees. There is not much information about Pack 10. A former den leader said that her son was in the pack from 1967 to 1970. Pack meetings were at the old Toll Gate School, at the south end of the Borough. Den meetings were at her home.She said that the pack did not go to summer camp or to day camp, but they did camp a lot at Peterson's nursery.
  • Pack 41 - First appears around November 1948, sponsored by the Pennington School until 1951. In 1952, the Hopewell Lions Club replaced the Pennington School as sponsor.
  • Pack 44 - Pack 44 started in 1978 and is currently active, with good leaders and an interesting program. Boys in the First Grade are eligible to join the pack as Tiger Cubs.
  • Newspaper Index - A listing of references in the local newspapers to Pennington Boy Scouting units.
The Story of a Scout - The story of a boy from Trenton as he grows in scouting in the late 1920's to early 1930s. A short memoir written by Hugh Callahan in 1985. Hugh was active for many years in Boy Scouting and was the Historian for the George Washington Council for many, many years. Hugh was a friendly, good-natured, likeable person, who worked very hard to make Scouting a good experience. Hugh's handwritten notes were given to Joe Sinniger by his widow and were transcribed by Joe. This material may not be copied or reproduced, either in part or in whole, without my written permission. – Joseph Sinniger
Sanhican Lodge 2 can trace it history back to 1919, beginning in Trenton, NJ.
  • OA History
    • Ref 1 - The Joe D'Angelo Award
    • 50th Anniversary Dinner Program
  • OA Patches

Camps - patches and history

  • Yards Creek Scout Reservation (YCSR)
  • Pahaquarra
  • George Washington Scout Reservation (GWSR)
  • Camp Buck


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