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Order of the Arrow

Sakuwit Lodge #2

Patch Library

The chart below follows the format used by the Blue Book. Patches marked with MVE mean that multiple versions exist, but are not listed here. Thank you to David Oertle for much of the information from 1999 to 2009.

Service Corps

ARM1 DYL R M/C BLK 2006 Service Corps Armband


C1 LBL C M/C RED 2005 100 Hour Chenille Service Award, Numbered
C2 GMY C M/C GRN 2006 Issued w/X20 2006 NOAC Contingent
C3 LBL C M/C RED 2008 100 Hour Chenille Service Award, Numbered
C4 GRN C GRN   2009 10th Anniversary Chenille, Numbered


J1 M/C C M/C RED 2004 Jacket Patch, 145mm x 200mm, MVE
J2 BLK R M/C DRD 2005 KMSR Ceremony Rock Restoration JP
J3 GMY R M/C DRD 2005 Major Donor Ceremony Rock Restoration
J4 RED R M/C DRD 2005 Ceremony Team Award (3 Years)
J6 BLK C GRY WHT 2007 Large Raccoon Jacket Patch, MVE
J7 BLK C BLU -- -- Eagle in flight, no lodge name, for Dance Team


N1 RED    GRY  RED  2004  Issued for 2004 NOAC Contingent
N2 RED    LBL  RED  2005  Standard Issue
N3 RED    BLU  RED  2006  Standard Issue
N4 DGR    WHT  DGR  2006  Issued for 2006 NOAC Contingent
N5 BLU    WHT  GRN  2007  Standard Issue
N6 BRN  P  TAN  WHT  2009  NOAC 2009, 10th Anniversary

Round Issues

R1 RED  R  M/C  BLK  2004  Indian PowWow, participant patch
R2 GMY  R  M/C  BLK  2004  Indian PowWow, staff patch
R3 BLK  C  M/C  RED  2004  Service Award
R4 RED  R  WHT  RED  2005  Pilgrimage to Devil's Tea Table
R5 BLU  R  M/C  DGR  2005  Indian PowWow, participant patch
R6 GMY  R  M/C  DGR  2005  Indian PowWow, staff patch

S-series Flaps

S1 GMY  R  BLU  RED  1999  First Flap, 250 numbered, MVE
S2 LGY  R  BLU  RED  1999  Lodge Standard Issue
S3 SMY  R  BLU  RED  1999  Charter Member Flap
S4 BLK  C/R  LGY  RED  2000  Issued for 2000 NOAC
S5 BLK  R  M/C  YEL  2001  Issued w/X1 for 2001 National Jamboree
S6 RED  R  BLU  RED  2001  Lodge Standard Issue, MVE
S7 BLK  R/C  BLU  RED  2002  Issued for 2002 NOAC Trader
S8 DGR  R/C  BLU  RED  2002  Issued for 2002 NOAC Fundraiser
S9 SMY  R/C  BLU  RED  2002  Issued for 2002 NOAC Contingent
S10 GMR  R/C  BLU  RED  2002  Issued for 2002 NOAC Staff
S11 RED  R/C  BLU  RED  2002  Issued as NOAC Hat Patch
S12 BLK  R  BLU  RED  2003  Service Award Flap
S13 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2004  Issued w/X6 2004 NOAC Trader
S14 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2004  Issued w/X7 2004 NOAC Contingent
S15 DBL  R  NBL  R/W  2005  Vigil Flap, 2/life
S16 BLK  R  M/C  RED  2005  Issued w/X16 for 2005 National Jamboree
S17 NBL  R  M/C  RED  2005  Issued w/X17 for 2005 National Jamboree
S18 BLU  R  BLU  RED  2006  Standard Flap (razor back raccoon)
S19 GrMY  R  BLU  RED  2007  LEC Flap, 50 Issued in 2006
S20 RED  C  M/C  RED  2006  Issued w/X18 Fundraiser 2006 NOAC
S21 BLU  R  BLU  RED  2007  Standard Flap (six clouds)
S22 BLU  C  M/C  GRN  2006  Issued w/X19 2006 NOAC Trader
S23 BLK  R  BLU  RED  2007  Service Award Flap
S24 BLK  R  M/C  WHT  2008  KMSR 60th Anniversary Flap
S25 YEL  R  M/C   WHT  2008  KMSR 60th Anniversary Flap, camp staff, MVE
S26 YEL  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Fundraiser B-T
S27 YEL  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Fundraiser M-L
S28 YEL  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Fundraiser MT
S29 YEL  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Fundraiser S-T
S30 YEL  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Fundraiser W-J
S31 GMY  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Contingent B-T
S32 GMY  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Contingent M-L
S33 GMY  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Contingent MT
S34 GMY  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Contingent S-T
S35 GMY  R  M/C  YEL  2008  ArrowCorps5 Contingent W-J
S36 BLK  R  M/C  WHT  2008  NE-2B Host Lodge Flap
S37 WHT  R  M/C  WHT  2008  NE-2B Staff Flap
S38 BLU  R  BLU  RED  2008  Standard Flap (five clouds)
S39 GMY  R  M/C  WHT  2008  KMSR 60th Anniversary Leader's Flap
S40 R/W/B  R  BLU  RED  2008  Eagle Scout Flap
S41 WHT  R  GRY  BLK  2009  10th Anniversary Flap
S42 WMY  R  GRY  BLK  2009  10th Anniversary Flap, LEC Issue
S43 GRN  R  ORG  RED  2009  10th Anniversary, Issued w/X29 NOAC Trader, MVE
S44 DBL  R  NBL  R/W  2009  Vigil Flap, 2 per life
S45 M/C  C  BLU  RED  2009  10th Anniversary, Issued w/X30a NOAC Contingent
S47 RMY  R  M/C  RED  2010  10th Anniversary Standard Flap
S48 BMY  R  M/C  RED  2010  10th Anniversary Standard, 2nd production
S49 GLD  R  M/C  GLD  2010  Jamboree Issued w/X34
S50 RBW  R  M/C  GLD  2010  Jamboree Issued w/X36
S51 BZN  R  M/C  BLU  2011  Standard Issue
S52 GMY  R  M/C  BLU  2011  LEC Issue, 1 each
S53 PNK  R  M/C  BLU  2011  Race for the Cure

X-series Patches

X1 BLK  R  M/C   YEL  2001  Issued w/S5 for 2001 National Jamboree, MVE
X2 BLK  C  BLK    2003  Fund, GLD (Camperships) Award
X3 WHT  C  WHT    2003  Extended Elangomat Program Award
X4 RED  R  M/C  YEL  2004  Issued separately with loop
X5 RED  R  M/C  YEL  2004  Issued only w/full KMSR 55th Anniversary Set
X6 BLK  C  M/C  DBL  2004  Issued w/S13 2004 NOAC Trader
X7 BLK  C  M/C  RED  2004  Issued w/S14 2004 NOAC Contingent
X8 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2004  Issued only for N1; NOAC Neckerchief (small patch; 87mm x  120mm)
X9 BLK  C  BLK    2004  25 Hour Service Rocker
X10 BLK  C  BLK    2004  50 Hour Service Rocker
X11 BLK  C  BLK    2004  75 Hour Service Rocker
X12 BLK  C  BLK    2004  100 Hour Service Rocker
X13 SMY  R  GRN  RED  2004  Silver Arrow Member w/o Tab, MVE
X14 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2004  Arrowman; Adviser, SM, Ldg Chief, Ldg Adv. Year Award (87mm x 120mm)
X15 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2005  Arrowman; Adviser, SM, Ldg Chief, Ldg Adv. Year Award (87mm x 120mm)
X16 BLK  R    M/C  2005  Issued w/S16 for 2005 National Jamboree
X17 NBL  R  M/C    2005  Issued w/S17 2005 NJ gry CNJC
X18 RED  C  M/C    2006  Issued w/S20 Fundraiser 2006 NOAC 
X19 BLU  C  BLU    2006  Issued w/S21 2006 NOAC Trader
X20 GMY  C  BLU    2006  Issued w/C1 2006 NOAC Contingent
X21 SMY  R  GRN  WHT  2006  Silver Arrow Member w/o tab, MVE
X22 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2006  Arrowman; Adviser, SM, Ldg Chief, Ldg Adv. Year Award (87mm x 120mm)
X23 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2007  Arrowman; Adviser, SM, Ldg Chief, Ldg Adv. Year Award (87mm x 120mm)
X24 BLK  R  WHT    2008  Boy Scout 101 Staff
X25 RED  R  WHT    2008  Boy Scot 101 Graduate
X26 RMY  R  WHT  BLK  2008  NE-2B Service Corps Patch
X27 SLV  R  GRN  RED  2008  Silver Arrow Member
X28 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2008  Arrowman Yearly Award
X29 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2009  Arrowman Yearly Award
X30 M/C  C  M/C  RED  2009  Arrowman Yearly Award
X31 GRN  C  ORG  RED  2009  Issued w/S44 2009 NOAC Trader, MVE
X32 BLK  C  BLK    2009  Elangomat Award
X33 GMY  R  BRN  GRN  2009  Issued w/S45 for 2009 NOAC Leader
X34 GLD  R  M/C  GLD  2010  Jamboree
X36 RWB  R  M/C  GLD  2010  Jamboree, Presentation only

Lodge Issues 

eQR23006-1 SMY  R  M/C  WHT  2006  Council Camporee non-OA Staff
eR2006-1 SMY  R  M/C  WHT  2006  Council Camporee Arrowmem Staff
eX2007-1 GRN  R  M/C  GRN  2007  Lodge Leadership Development, The Mighty Chief
eX2007-2 YEL  R  M/C  YEL  2007  Spring Fling, The Guard
eX2007-3 RED  R  M/C  RED  2007  Ordeal Weekend, The Medicine Man
eX2007-4 BLU  R  M/C  BLU  2007  Fall Fellowship, The Guide
eX2007-5 GRY  R  M/C  GRY  2007  Winter Banquet, The Guide
eX2008 GRY  R  M/C  WHT  2008  Winter Banquet
eX2009 BLU  R  BLU  --  2009  Winter Banquet
eX2010 BLU  R  GRY  --  2010  Winter Banquet

NOTE: The Sakuwit 2 Lodge patches listed here, with permission, are from the data collected by Joe Sinniger. Joe collected the data from a variety of sources. Some of the patches are from Scott Kuzma. Some patches were copied from oaimages.com, with the permission of John Parnell.

Almost all of the patches between 1999 and 2009 were contributed by David Oertle. After 2009, Gerald G. Case, Lodge Adviser 2007-2010, began contributing patches.

Gerald G. Case contributed the following: 2010: S51, S52 100th Anniversary Flaps and 2010: X33 Jamboree Pocket Patch Set.