Central New Jersey Council Patch

Sakuwit Lodge #2

S-series Flaps

Solid Flap Set 1999-2000

Note the three clouds on each of the flaps. These represent the Lodge Chapters, starting in the year 1999. Lodge Chapter names were chosen to honor former Scout camps in the CNJC area.

  • Narraticong Chapter: SEMEOS and Raritan Bay Districts
  • Pahaquarra Chapter: Jenny Jump and Hunterdon Arrowhead Districts
  • Sakawawin Chapter: Joyce Kilmer and Mercer Area Districts
S1-1999.jpg S2-1999.jpg
S2b 2000 S3-1999.jpg
S1 GMY R Blu Red Red Blu Blu 1999
S2 GRY R Blu Red Red Blu Blu 1999
S2b DGY R Blu Red Red Blu Blu 2000
S3 SMY R Blu Red Red Blu Blu 1999

S1: Sakuwit Lodge First Flap, issued at the merger meeting in the summer of 1999
S1: 250 flaps issued with numbers, FF, PB
S1: 250 flaps issued without numbers (second order), PB
S2: first order in year 1999
S2b: second order in year 2000, slight border color variation
S3: PB

This set of patches indicates how production sequences can be out of time order. Patches S1, S2, S3 were all ordered in 1999. However, after all the S2 patches were sold, a second set was ordered in year 2000. Thus, there is an odd situation where patch S3 is dated before patch S2b.