International Scouting Resources

The International Committee, in cooperation with the council leadership, will serve as a “conduit” for international activities and information. Committee members should have, or wish to acquire, an active interest in the program enrichment values of International Scouting as a means of advancing the ideal of World Brotherhood and providing extraordinary Scouting activities for CNJC scouts.

The vision of the International Committee is to develop and promote opportunities for program enrichment, world brotherhood, friendship and fellowship through International Scouting in order to enrich the program of Central New Jersey Council.

The mission of the International Committee is to set up a communications and organizational plan that will make it possible to keep the council membership informed of the opportunities for program enrichment in the area of International Scouting.

One of the activities of the International Committee will be to administer the International Activity award (see right), which is an award to recognize scouts and scouters who participate in a sustained series of international activities.

One of the international activities that counts toward the International Activity award, is to earn an Interpreter Strip (see left). The Interpreter Strip displays which language(s) a scout or scouter is familiar with — in the text of that language — and is worn on the right side of the Scout field uniform above the “Boy Scouts of America” strip.

The requirements are verified by the unit leader, after receiving sufficient evidence of the scout or scouters’ ability to read, write, speak, and understand the language. The BSA’s Supply Division maintains strips for 40 languages.

The requirements for the Interpreter Strip are:

•  Carry on a five-minute conversation in the language

•  Translate a two-minute speech or address

•  Write a letter in the language (does not apply to sign languages)

•  Translate 200 words from the written word

Anyone interested in working with the International Committee, should contact the staff advisor, Bob Clark at