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Internet Rechartering


Renew the charter for Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, & Ships

A representative of each unit can now complete the paperwork for renewing a charter online. From www.MyScouting.org click on Internet Rechartering. From www.CNJCScouting.org click on Program/Resources and scroll down to Internet Rechartering. You can indicate returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual or the chartered organization.

To renew a charter online:

  1. Select a registered adult to serve as the unit's Charter Renewal Processor (RP) today. The recharter packets have been distributed at Program Launch and at the September and October Roundtables. Any packets not picked up are available at the council office.
  2. Beginning October 1st, the RP logs into either www.MyScouting.org or www.CNJCScouting.org and clicks on the Internet Rechartering link. The Rechartering ID# is located on the outside of your charter packet. Follow the system prompts to complete the process.
  3. When the online process is completed, the RP prints two copies of the completed charter renewal application. The unit leader and the Executive Officer of the chartering organization sign the charter renewal application.
  4. Turn in the application along with all of the forms that you received in your recharter packet, and all appropriate fees at your district's Charter Turn-In event (date, time, and place is determined by your District Executive.)
  5. You may also turn in your materials to your unit commissioner or at the council offices.
  6. PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER to add $5.00 insurance fee per registered youth, adult, and Tiger Cub Adult Partner.

Take the tutorial today.

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