Council Program & Training Refund Policy

In all programs offered by the Central New Jersey Council, a great deal of planning and purchasing is done well in advance.  These plans include, but are not limited to, staff, food, program materials, patches and awards, rental and purchase of equipment, and in some cases, items of clothing such as T-shirts that are given as part of a program fee.

Participants are, therefore, expected to make a financial commitment to attend.

If registration for the activity, training, or program was made by the unit, then the request for the cancellation / refund must come from the unit.  If the registration was made by an individual, then the request must come from that individual.

  • There are no refunds for any activity, training, or program whose individual fee is $10 or less.  (Example:  If the fee per participant is $10 and a unit submits payment for five participants, there would be no refund available.)
  • For individual fees greater than $10, 80% will be refunded if received 2 weeks prior to the date of the activity, training, or program.
    • Requests due to a medical or family emergency must be submitted to the Council Office within 30 days of the completion of the event.  (Documentation of the emergency would have to be provided.)
  • Refunds will not be issued until after the activity, training, or program has been completed.
  • All cancellation / refund requests MUST be made in writing, be submitted to the Office Manager, and state the reason for the cancellation (e-mail communication is acceptable). 

Council Returned Check Policy

It is the policy of this Council to assess a penalty in the amount of $25 for insufficient funds when a check is returned to the Council.

A letter from the Accounting Specialist is issued to inform the submitter of the returned check advising them another form of payment (money order, cashier’s check, or credit card) including the $25 should be submitted.

In addition, if the returned check was received after the posted registration date, late fees will be applied.

In the event the Council’s bank tried to deposit the check a second time before returning the check, an invoice will be issued for the additional penalty.

Minimum Training Requirments for Various Leadership Positions to Earn Trained Patch

Cub Scout Leader

  • Cub Leader Fast Start (available on-line) – optional
  • Youth Protection Training (available on-line)
  • This is Scouting*
  • Cub Scout Leader Specific Training

Boy Scout Leader

  • Boy Scout Leader Fast Start (available on-line)
  • Youth Protection Training (available on-line)
  • This is Scouting*
  • Boy Scout Leader Specific Training
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Boy Scout Troop Committee Member

  • Boy Scout Leader Fast Start (available on-line)
  • Youth Protection Training (available on-line)
  • This is Scouting*
  • Troop Committe Challenge (available on-line)

Venture Leaders

  • Venture Leader Fast Start (available on-line)
  • Youth Protection Training (available on-line)
  • This is Scouting*
  • Venture Leader Specific Training

Charter Organization Representatives

  • Charter Organization Representative Training

Commissioner Staff

  • Commissioner Basic Training

District Committee Volunteers

  • District Committee Conference Training OR Key Leader Training

Council Committee Volunteers

  • Executive Board Orientation OR Key Leader Training

*This is Scouting replaced New Leader Essentials.  If you have taken NLE you are not required to take TIS, however, the feedback on TIS has been positive.  TIS takes about 50 minutes.

Scout Training on the Internet

Scout Training on the Internet

Central New Jersey Council has received permission from National BSA to link to the following on-line training courses.   These courses can help adult leaders deliver quality Scouting experiences to youth.

A log-in is required, however, anyone may create a user account and view the courses.  Registered members of the BSA may provide their member numbers (as part of the user profile) to receive credit.

BUG ALERT: A number of users have reported that they are unable to create accounts for the e-learning system using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 (the very latest version) because an image is superimposed over text fields, preventing them from entering data. We are currently working on a newer version of the account creation/management interface that will not have this problem.In the meantime, these users may be able to complete the form if they use their “tab” key to navigate among text fields. Otherwise, they will need to use a different Web browser (Netscape, FireFox, or even an older version of IE) to create an account.
BUG ALERT June 12, 2009: A number of users have reported that they are unable to access their MyScouting accounts through our website’s link to the On-line Learning Center.  Unknown to Council, National updated their links so you now have to access My Scouting accounts and take training through the NEW link below. You will be asked to change your username from your e-mail address.  Once it is changed, you will have to access MyScouting using the new username.

If you experience any problems while taking the on-line courses from the National site, please call (800) 627-3025.

All of the courses below can now be found at the BSA  If you already have a MyScouting account, simply log in as usual.

Scouting volunteers:  have your council number (CNJC – 352) and member ID handy (from your BSA registration card) when creating your account.  This will ensure you receive proper credit for courses

completed successfully.

  • Boy Scout Leader Fast Start (online interactive)  
  • Cub Scout Leader Fast Start (online interactive)
  • Hazardous Weather **Required as of 1/1/09**  (online interactive)
  • Safety Afloat/Safe Swim Defense (online interactive)
  • This is Scouting (online interactive) – Replaces New Leader Essentials as a required course for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing volunteers to earn the “Trained” leader emblem. – March 2009
  • Troop Committee Challenge – NEW!!! (online interactive)
  • Venture Leader Fast Start (online interactive)
  • Venturing Youth Protection (English Version) (online interactive)
  • Venturing Youth Protection (Spanish Version) (Coming soon!)
  • Youth Protection (online interactive)